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Another Agency Rep Booked in New Case

Another sexual harassment case has surfaced. The case involving the head of Open World Entertainment is still happening, but another agency head was recently booked for sexually harassing an aspiring celebrity.

The Seoul Mapo Police Agency revealed on April 19 that it booked without detention the 35 year old head of an entertainment agency for sexual harassment. According to the police, the rep made a 22 year old female, who visited his building on April 18 for an audition, take off her clothes, and sexually harassed her by touching her breasts. The rep has admitted to the charges, but is asserting that the woman took off her clothes on her own will.

The agency involved in the new case is not very well known. One girl group and a male singer are signed with the agency, but they are also not well known. The agency is not that small, however, as it previously helped a famed foreign singer promote in Korea.

Source: enewsworld
Tags: arrest, crime, shit just got real, trigger warning

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