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Ladygate: “Bus Girl” Demands Driver Apologize on Knees

The ‘Ladygate’ saga, a series of Korean girls (who are nicknamed by netizens using the suffix 女 [녀 -nyo] or “girl”) behaving badly has so far seen ”Cigarette Girl“, “Beer Girl“, “Soju Girl” and ”Swearing Woman” all cause a stir on Korean cyberspace.

In the latest alleged incident, a female passenger, literally dubbed “the Bus Girl who brought a driver down to his knees”, demands the driver of a highway express bus who caused an accident to kneel down and apologize. This is not the first time we have seen people being asked to apologize on their knees in public, as was the case in China where two youths who accidentally killed a dog were forced to kneel down before the dead animal, covered by our big brother site chinaSMACK. After a picture of the incident was uploaded on the internet, the photo went viral. Netizens expressed their rage, especially at the sight of the alleged diva’s carefree attitude, underlined by her hands-in-pocket posture. The story has now drawn thousands of comments on Korean portal site Nate.

From TVDaily:

‘Bus girl’ controversy, netizens ask “Did the bus driver have to go to those lengths to apologize on his knees?”

Netizens outraged over photo of middle-aged bus driver down on his knees.

On the 18th, an online community uploaded a photo entitled ‘the girl who brought a bus driver to his knees.’

The photo shows a bus driver on his knees in front of a young lady. Behind the two people, two highway buses can also be seen.

One netizen who came across the photo commented “this photo is from the personal homepage of someone I know. The express bus was on its way from Busan to Seoul caused an accident, resulting in the bus stopping for 3 hours.”

Describing the photo, the netizen continued: “All the passengers on board became angry and demanded an apology from the bus driver. In the meatime, one woman even asked for the bus driver to go on his knees and apologize.”

On the other hand, another netizens commenting on the photo, reacted by saying “Who’s she to ask that to the driver that…,” “Among all the -녀 controversies, this one makes me roar out in anger the most,” “from what it seems, he looks like a father, and this makes me really frustrated,” “Are you satisfied now that he’s down on his knees apologizing?,” and “It pains me even more to see your carefree attitude by putting your hands in your pockets.”

As the photo went viral, other articles surfaced explaining the what presumably really happened. One such article stated that with passengers getting frustrated and the driver showing insincerity towards the situation, he was asked to get down on his knees. Another blog post claims that as the bus finally arrived at the bus terminal, the ground staff showed indifference to the passengers’ inconvenience, to which they suggested the staff get down on their knees. Refusing, the bus driver did instead. The latest “Ladygate” incident shows how just one photo can be subject to open interpretation, and how netizen opinions in Korea, no matter how far-fetched and ridiculous they may seem, are not taken lightly by news outlets – having the power to change entire news stories or even make new ones.

Comments from Nate:

"Won’t the bitch take her hands out of her pocket?"

"In anycase, she shouldn’t get a man who is old enough to be her father to go all the way down on his knees; I don’t really know the cause of the accident, but shouldn’t you rather seek compensation for the accident from the bus company?"

"Had she been molested perhaps she could do that, but in the case of an accident, she’s really just a slut."

"That person is not a bus driver but a terminal officer worker. The bus broke down after a minor collision, and they called the garage repair men to fix the problem, but they arrived about 2.5 hours late. So they decided to give both a full refund and also cover for transport costs [back home]. By doing so they hushed everyone up, but just at that moment, some fucking brainless cunt in her 20s got the man to go on his knees and apologize – so over-the-fucking-top getting the terminal staff to beg down on his knees. And then after doing so she looked at him and was like ‘what-everrr’, grabbed the refund and vanished off. She is really a dirty scumbag. God if I had to marry one of those things…she’d fucking waste all our money and our kids would just become retards retards RETARDS"

Source: koreabang
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