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Official trailer for ‘I AM’ released!

The main official trailer for SM Entertainment‘s documentary ‘I AM‘ has been released!

The upcoming film will feature the stories of label artists BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, and f(x).

The trailer was released on the official fan cafe today.
‘I AM’ will cover footage of the day and events surrounding SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden back in October of 2011 as well as other exclusive content.

Watch the ‘I AM’ trailer with snippets of the artists’ pre-debut days below:


Okay, let’s get one thing out in the open: anyone expecting I AM. – SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR to be a tell-all exposé of the costs of superstardom are going to be sadly disappointed. Negative Nancies are definitely not welcome here. What you WILL get instead is a celebration of youthful energy and unabashed camaraderie, qualities that, in its best light, mirrors those legendary Motown revues of the 1960s featuring the likes of The Miracles, The Four Tops, The Supremes, and many others from that revered hit-making factory. Transfer the locale from Detroit to Seoul, South Korea and substitute those aforementioned groups with Korean hitmaking sensations as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, BoA, and many others, and the comparisons, cultural and otherwise, are eerily similar. Arguably, South Korea has supplanted Japan as the premier pop idol factory in East Asia. Moreover, this second-generation hallyu wave of Korean pop music is now led by the artists stabled at SM Entertainment, one of the most famous of all Korean talent agencies.

Jointly produced by CJ Entertainment & Media and SM Entertainment, I AM. follows members of SM Entertainment's idol groups during the historic "SMTOWN Live" World Tour as they prepare for their historic October 23, 2011 concert at New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden. This is not the first time that K-Pop stars graced the hallowed Gahh-Den: renowned world-idol star Rain mounted his famous “Rainy Day New York” shows there in 2006, attracting attention from media outlets as TIME Magazine. A mere five years later, K-Pop, re-energized with a newer, younger generation of performers, stood ready to blow the roof off MSG once again. Not simply a standard-issue concert documentary, I AM. chronicles the passion of SM Entertainment's artists in leading the newest K-Pop hype, and delves into the preparation that goes into honing the impeccably-choreographed performances (or “stages”) of each group. As well, the film offers many candid moments as select individual artists are followed away from the spotlights. Mostly, the artists of SM Entertainment — Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, and f(x) — live for the stage, and as I AM. makes clear, are poised, in their modest, unassuming ways, to take over the pop culture world…
Synopsis written by: Abraham Ferrer

source: allkpopI AM’ fan cafe | withsosiz9dot4@youtube /// laapff.festpro.com

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