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Bruce Willis Knows Good Acting When he Sees It

American action star Bruce Willis had some good words to say about Lee Byung Hun, his co-star in the upcoming blockbuster movie, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.”

In an interview with MTV, Willis talked about his role in the movie and the chemistry with the rest of the cast. After praising Adrianne Palicki, who plays Lady Jane in the flim, Willis lauded Lee Byung Hun’s action scenes as Storm Shadow.

“Action guys do things that I would never do. I can't even call myself an action guy," Willis said. "This guy, Byung-hun Lee, we're going to put him in another movie he's so great. He's just awesome."

Willis plays the role of Joe Colton, the original Joe who was there when it all began. Lee Byung Hun comes back as Storm Shadow, in this sequel of the original “G.I. Joe” series, which is slated for release in June.

See the full interview at MTV

source: soompi

Another G.I. Joe movie?  I don't think I can handle sitting through a third one.

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