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Block B to return with a repackaged album?

After going through the entire Thailand controversy, it seems like Block B might be making a comeback very soon! Rumor has it that the group will be releasing a repackaged version of their mini-album ‘Welcome to the Block‘ on May 2nd.

Brand New Stardom hasn’t announced officially announced anything as of now, but fans were quick to notice that were two new Block B songs that had been registered into the Korean Copyright Association. The final tracklist is unknown yet but is said to have two new tracks. The first one being titled ‘Close My Eyes‘ with the lyrics being penned by Zico and Kyung. There will also be a remix version of ‘Action‘.

If a repackaged album really is released then I’m a super happy BBC right now! It’ll be a great thing to see Block B standing up on stage again.

source: ningin + blockbintl

Yes please, and apparently their comeback song was supposed to be Did You or Did You Not before they decided to end promotions? If this is true then :'(

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