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Jang Nara loves the cherry blossoms

On April 19, Jang Nara revealed several pictures on her official blog, Along with the photos, she wrote, "I'm starting to feel better. It looks like it's snowing. Cherry blossoms in the sky, and cherry blossoms on the ground. Hurry and check them out before it′s too late! I feel like I'm in another world."

Jang Nara's visit to see the cherry blossoms took place suddenly. Even though she is very busy with her comeback, the singer/actor took the time to travel spontaneously with her makeup artist.

Netizens replied to the photo, "Jang Nara is prettier than the flowers" and "You're so beautiful."

Meanwhile, Jang Nara will be flying off to China on April 21 to attend various events and film festivals.

Source: official site (can't find direct link to the blog entry...), enews
Tags: actor/actress, eye candy, prection, social media/youtube

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