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120421 JYJ Lotte Fanmeeting

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  • Jae said that cooking for someone you love is a very happy/fortunate thing.
  • First lie detector question: “I think I am the most handsome member in JYJ”. Jaejung answered “No” and got shocked by the detector. LOL

  • Jae said that his ideal type is a person who has a warm heart. After he said it he started laughing. (Jae you liar…XD)
  • JJ said it’s okay if the person (i.e. ideal girl) can’t cook well, but he dislikes it if a person doesn’t even bother to try.
  • Jae said that cooking for someone you love is a very happy/fortunate thing.
  • JJ’s turn again on the lie detector. He looks scared and is trying to back out…and it seems like he spoilt the lie detector. XD
  • JJ was asked if he likes Japanese girls and he jokingly said “No”, but there was no reaction from the lie detector
  • Unlike Yuchun, Jae said that he wouldn’t mind marrying someone 10 years older than him.
  • Yuchun said “I really didn’t want to meet you guys today” and he got shocked by the lie detector.
  • JJ said that he had already gotten tickets for Elisabeth but he fell sick and had to go to the hospital that day. (How did I miss this?)
  • At the end, JS said “I enjoyed myself.” and YC said “But wasn’t it too short?”, so JS said “I enjoyed myself and had a looooot of fun.”
  • At the end, JS said “I enjoyed myself.” and YC said “Your comment is too short”, so JS said “I enjoyed myself and had a looooot of fun.”
  • JJ told the fans to tell their families and friends in Japan that JYJ are still doing well.


  • Junsu’s present is his vest :p
  • Yoochun’s present for a fan is the pair of jeans he wore when filming his advertisement
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Min of PrinceJJ:


JYJ’s FM:YC worried about JS’s Japanese.They couldn’t go see sakura together and JS trying hard to talk about the summit they went to

JYJ’s FM2:JJ said he hasn’t start filming yet and possibly there’ll be a horse-riding scene.

JYJ FM3:YC shouted “Did you love JYJ since you were born?”

    • While watching a video about Europe tour, Junsu was supposed to say “People in Berlin” but he said “Human being in Berlin” instead xDDD
    • Jaejoong hasn’t started his drama shooting yet.
    • Jaejoong: I’m learning how to ride a horse for the drama but it seems like the horse really hates me
    • A bug was on JS’s shoulder, he was about to brush it away but it suddenly flied toward the audience so JS said “That’s my surprise present”
    • Jae said he’s uneasy/uncomfortable(?) because the pants he’s wearing is too large (oversized). and he’s alittle nervous because he hasn’t performed on stage for a while. he made some mistakes during the dance, and blamed it on the oversized pants LOL.
    • Following JS’s solo album, both chun and jae have plans to release their own solo album. but it’ll be different style. JJ said because the 3 of them have different taste/style in music, so the product will be different.

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JYJ FM4:When Yoochun started to talk about JJ’s drama-JJ touched his knee and called out ‘senior’ *owh JClove~!

JYJ FM5:The kiss with Rudolph was excellent.JJ asked JS did he do it?JS said “ye..ah” JJ:”a peck?” JS:”a strong peck?”

JYJ FM6:Regarding JJ hasn’t seen Elisabeth-JS said “it’s been a while right?”

JYJ FM7:JJ and YC are also planning to release…(CDs?)

JYJ FM8:JS “What to do about Japanese~ I can understand all the ‘hearing’ but ‘speaking’ is a bit…”

JYJ FM9:They teased JJ about seeing Eli.When he wanted to go things get busy and he cant.YC was shocked by JS’s acting+talk about JS’s album

JYJ FM10:JS “Today people don’t go out.Human?” and he laughed…JJ:”Your Japanese level is really getting bad.

JYJ FM11: JS:HPhones are bad people! and JC goes “he said people right?” *laugh*. My Japanese bcame bad because I lost my Japanese phone

JYJ FM12:Looking at the drawing of YC drawn by JS. YC: “JS is really good at drawing…the forehead is really wide”

JYJ FM13:Lie detector was brought out.The 3 suspiciously went “Eh~”.Start fr JJ! Seems like if you lie light electric current will flow.

JYJ FM14:JJ:Electricity is flowing~! Q:I’m the most handsome among JYJ JJ:No Result:electricity flowed

JYJ FM15: YC: Lie detector is really reliable. Lol

JYJ FM16: In your dramas until now has there been your ideal type of woman? JJ holds YC’s shoulder “I think there was”. YC “There was”. Result:CLEAR

JYJ FM17:JJ suddenly asked “at the musical-have u ever wanted to kiss deeply?” JS: Yes

JYJ FM18-YC:U want to do activity in Japan? JS cheekily:No.Machine cleared but suddenly a larger electricity flowed till he grab his knee

JYJ FM19:JJ didn’t get much response from the detector so became the sacrificed scapegoat…they want electricity to flow again LOL

JYJ FM20:Q:”Will you marry with someone 10years older?” YC:”Realistically…no”…mc clear-I think his noona fans are crying…

Credit:alovelikewar, hellyryther of JYJ, Min of PrinceJJ, sweetiexiah of JYJ3
Picture: @myuchun6006 + ayu
Shared by: JYJ3

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