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BTOB: "We Didn't Want to Debut as Idols"

After 4Minute and B2st's success, the market once manipulated by SM JYP and YG, the Big 3, was shaken up, leaving Cube Entertainment's rookie group, BToB incredible interest.Here in BToB,these kids didn't have the basis of (what is needed for) creating idol teams, and were still uncertain but the possibility of their growth makes us anticipate them even more. Honestly, BToB was originally planned as a dance group,it's no wonder that these members have different dreams from the others as "idol stars".

Leader and main vocal Seo Eun Kwang's dream, was to be "the Best Vocalist". "I can't even think of (being best at) dancing. I only think of becoming a singer who's voice touches people through the songs that I match to. Honestly when I started learning dance, I doubted to why I was doing this, and opposed strongly to it." But from that time on, he changed his thinking. " To sing while dancing is really hard. I have to set this as my main goal."

As expected, Im Hyunshik's dream wasn't to be a dance-singer originally. "I had alot of interest towards singing, and I wanted to be a singer-songwriter.(Inspired by) producer Choi Jongjeok. It seemed like when I started learning dance, my performance's motivation was realized. I realized why musicians like the deceased Michael Jackson received that much honour."
As expected, the team's confident rapper Yook Sungjae dreamed of being a vocalist."Honestly, my dream was to become a ballad vocalist. We wanted to sing ballads that appealed to peopole's emotions. Right now, Kim Hyunsik, Kim DongRyul sunbaenims (t/n; seniors) have become the rappers I respect most."

Peniel grew up listening to rock music. "I wanted to do music in Korea, thus I thought and watched JYP auditions, hence I started learning dance first in Korea. I want to slowly open my eyes to the direction of singing and dancing on stage at the same time."

Lee Changseob wasn't that different either. "I didn't think of being in a group. When I dreamt, it was always in my mind to become a singer who sang on stage alone.Even so it never occured to the company once." (laughs)

Jung Ilhoon got closer to his dream of becoming an idol after joining the team.However, it wasn't by a normal way."Rather than choreographed moves, I wanted to dance freely on stage, as well as rap freely on stage, I dreamt of doing that kind of exciting and enjoyable performance as a singer. Lee Minhyuk wanted the same, like the style of "GD and TOP".

In reality, Seo Eunkwang, Im Hyunsik and Lee Changseob entered Cube Entertainment through a band audition project as trainees. These three people faced hard challenges as idol singers.
Their own identity was in chaos.

Jung Ilhoon: "The biggest worry for us was that we didn't have a firm colour.But from some point of time on, we started being able to practice more relaxedly and with more meaning(motivation).We had the thought, to show our ability to gain recognition through transformation rather than maintaining the same image as before." he explained.

mk news, 은설아 @ cubicbeatz (must have an account to view)
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