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Bullied Student’s Last SMS “If You Dare Come to My Funeral…”

The topic of school violence continues to draw major attention from Korean media. There have been countless cases of serious school violence with many ending in suicide. Just last year in December a student in Deagu committed suicide after being bullied, this being followed by another two suicides in Deajon in December last year and January this year. According to statistics, one child commits suicide in South Korea everyday, with bullying being one of the causes. School violence in Korea has been increasing drastically and the problem reached such a scale that the government has decided to make it compulsory to record all such cases on the permanent school records of those students who participate in school violence. The following is a news report about another unfortunate suicide incident which happened on 18th of April and has received a lot of netizens’ attention.

From MBN News:
Bullied student commits suicide. His last text message “If you dare come to my funeral…”

“If you come to my funeral, I will kill you!” was the last text message Lee sent to his bully Yeon, shortly before he committed a suicide by jumping off the 20th floor of his apartment house.

Just before his suicide, at 8.45 in the morning, Lee sent the message to the bully, and at about 9.30 he left a suicide note and then jumped off the 20th floor of his own apartment.

It was revealed that since the middle of March, for over a month, the Lee suffered persistent bullying from his classmate Yeon.

The bullying included pricking Lee’s body by pencil, catching and pulling him from the back, and spitting in his face. During art class, bully Yeon poured water over Lee’s picture and at times used to beat Lee’s back and head violently.

After almost one month of bullying, Yeon insisted that Lee joins his club. He said that if Lee joined his club, he wouldn’t bully him anymore, so Lee reluctantly joined his club.

However, after joining the club Lee had to spend all the spare time with Yeon. Lee said in his suicidal note “It feels like I have become his subordinate. I hate spending time with that bastard more than anything else.”

Yeon told to the police “bullying was quite entertaining so I just continued bullying him for fun”.

The police stated that “they took all the 10 members of Yeon’s club in for further investigation due to the suspicion that they might be a school gang” and that “since Yeon is an underage not even 14 years old, they are conducting further investigations to decide whether he should be sent to a Youth Detention Centre”

Comments from Nate:

"He should be executed for fun."

"How angry and distressed he must have felt to leave such a text message and end his life at such a young age… And the bully. You say for fun? Can you make this kind of fun with kids that are stronger than you? You won’t be able to have any social life even when you become adult."

"You son of a bitch, you will die no matter if you go to the funeral or not."

"I would like to put acid on his face for fun and then say sorry"

"He has to be punished and this must be stamped out now. I think we have to let the adolescents that mock adults know the power of adults and the power of law. If we just hush this now, it’s going to happen again."

"There are so many cases of young children committing awful crimes. The law must change. There should be no distinctions in the face of law, regardless of age or sex. My conviction about this has been growing stronger and stronger lately."

"“bullying was quite entertaining so I just continued bullying him for fun”.This bastard is completely mad…In the future he might kill someone just for fun…He has a psychopathic tendency. He should be confined to a psychiatric hospital."

"You are not going to send him to Youth Detention Centre because he is not 14 yet? Huh, that sort of law must be abolished… a child has died… It’s because the law is this crap, that kids have no fear of law…"

"Why do some people act like the bully murdered the victim? He should be punished according to his actions, not those of the victim. This sort of backwards thinking seems to be prevalent in the west too. If I gave someone a damn good thrashing, and they wrote me into their suicide note, I should be charged with GBH not manslaughter."

Source: koreabang
Tags: crime, death/funeral, trigger warning

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