PSYDUGH (shiddex) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

royal pirates at music&men's fashion week in singapore!

Royal Pirates was invited to Music&Men's Fashion Week 2012 held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, making this their first overseas performance - before debut. They performed originals Supernatural and I Don't Want Nobody and covers This Love, Sorry Sorry and DJ Got Us Falling In Love.

Other Korean artists were invited such as Se7en, 8eight, Jung Sungha, Megan Lee, Lee Soohyuk(dude in 2ne1's MV) and model Lee Sunghoon.

Royal Pirate's videos (and other pics) under cut:

Encore! DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again

Credits: Carbonatestars@YT, FideFashionWeek
lawddd james is so tall and cute and everything his legs are endless *w*
Tags: 8eight, fashion show, royal pirates, se7en

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