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Geeks - Mini Album [In The Morning]

Hip-hop duo Geeks has released the full music video for their track "In The Morning (Hangover)". The MV's release will complement Geeks' second EP, also titled "In The Morning," and will mark their second physical release since debuting last year with "Officially Missing You."

긱스 (Geeks) – 아침에
Release Date: 2012.04.13
01. 아침에 (In the Morning/Hangover)
02. 어딜가나 (Where Are You Going?)
03. 숨이차 (Out Of Breath) (Feat. 테이크원/TakeOne)
04. 그냥 가요 (Just Go) (Feat. 조현아 Of Urban Zakapa)
05. 커피를 마시고 (Drinking Coffee) (Remix)
06. 아침에 (Inst.)
07. 어딜가나 (Inst.)
08. 그냥 가요 (Inst.)
Buy @ dvdheaven

Sources: koreaboo, kpopexplorer & youtube
Tags: comebacks, hip hop, music video, nugu

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