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Bow down peasants, Prince Gremlin coming through!

This is a master post of all things beautiful, aka ZE:A's Park Gremlin Hyungsik.

Following the step of his fellow member Siwan's success, ZE:A's Park Hyungsik will be expanding his career into drama and has been cast in the SBS upcoming weekend series.

A representative from Star Empire Entertainment, Hyungsik will be making his drama debut through SBS drama tentatively titled "Stupid Mom." He will play the rebellious younger brother to actress Yoo In Young's character.

"In the series, Hyungsik's charater rides around in a motorcycle and so he's been getting motorcycle lessons. He was quite scared at first but he's getting the hang of it," the representative added.

"Stupid Mom" focuses on the subject of love, forgiveness amongst generation of women. The series also stars actors Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Tae Woo and Kim Jung Hoon, and is slated to air on SBS on March 17th.

It already has episodes out so go educate yourself.
Source : dkpopnews

This is Oh SooHyun Greeting

In the special project drama " BaboMom (aka Dumb Mom),";

Perfectly charming guy Wan-Me-Nam (the shortened word for Korean

description 'perfectly charming guy') Oh SooHyun who rides motorbike, is the

indie-band vocalist and shows sweetness with the little kid living energetically

Oh well but why don't I see our supporting rank .....

What is ranking no.100 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ How did the ranking fall to an exact number

Anyways .. Sorry for not coming to the fancafe often~

You are all watching 'BaboMom' with satisfaction (right)??!!

Also i think (our) album will be revealed to you soon ~

Our ZE:A'S, show a little more strength!!

Through twitter while I'm doing my schedules I am updating you in between, did you see it~??!!

Sometimes I feel unease with the thought of 'what if our fans will get worn out

from waiting, what if our fans will get tired of waiting' and even in worse

case 'what if our fans leave (us)'..

I sometimes think over (in regret) if my trust (in our ZE:A'S) is lacking Sorry

Sorry for not being able to care for our fans a lot

And after spending a long time the thoughts that came to mind was

the thought that we will finally show (ourselves) with the album ..

Our individual schedules are just individual schedules so

The our appearances we haven't showed yet

whatever it is, if we can show it, we are thinking of doing our best~

Even now, I am fully thankful, love you, and we ask for more support and love~!

I Love You

Source: empirechildren

Source: ZEA2011

Hope this filled the emptiness in your life.
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