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JYJ and Min Hyo Rin get colorful for ‘NII’

The members of JYJ and actress Min Hyo Rin have donned colorful preppy looks for their summer photoshoot with endorsement brand ‘NII‘.

Held at the end of March, the photoshoot was completed under the concept of ’4EPLE 4COLOR’, where four unique models brought together four different colors into a bright and summery combination.

Jaejoong took on red while Yoochun took green. Junsu went with blue and Min Hyo Rin chose pink. Jaejoong and Junsu’s blonde hair styles look especially refreshing combined with all of the colors while Yoochun’s bright facial expression adds a care free touch to the photo.

A making-of video will be released on NII’s homepage, Facebook, and Twitter at the end of the month along with fun new events.

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Source : Allkpop
TV Report via Naver
Tags: actor/actress, jyj

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