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"LOEN Princesses" IU and Sunny Hill pose for photos together

Last night, the female members of Sunny Hill had their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo, and were visited by their fellow LOEN Entertainment peer and artist, IU. Together, they posed for photos and created a powerful 5-member girl group.

An official from LOEN Entertainment wrote on the company's Twitter, "For the first time since a long time, LOEN's 5-fairies have gathered at Inkigayo... I would like to introduce to you, LOEN's Princesses", and unveiled two photos.

The photos reveal Sunny Hill and IU wearing Princess and Prince Charming t-shirts with the Asian Prince from Sunny Hill's latest music video. In one photo, the 5 females are posing cutely with peace signs, while in the second one, they are posing coolly with dark sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Sunny Hill have completed their comeback stages for Princess and Prince Charming which has been topping charts and capturing the attention of both music show's viewers and fans for its uniqueness.

Source: LOEN official Twitter, article - natekoreaboo
Tags: eye candy, iu, social media/youtube, sunny hill

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