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john park finds men's aegyo disgusting

John Park despises when men use aegyo.

On MBC’s Music and Lyrics, John Park and Park Jin Hee, his partner on the show, were working diligently towards the creation of their special song.

During the episode, Park Jin Hee asked John Park to show her some aegyo. John Park responded with,

“When a woman shows her aegyo, she looks cute, but when a man shows his aegyo, it’s digusting.”

Park Jin Hee began laughing hysterically about John Park’s honest expression.

John Park further confessed,

“I’m not good at expressing aegyo.”

During the episode, Park Jin Hee created an imaginary scene where John Park would call his upset girlfriend (role played by Park Jin Hee) and try to brighten up her mood.

John Park was hesitant at playing his role, but he made an attempt. He started off by saying,

“I’m happy that I can to see Jin Hee”

but he couldn’t go any further due to embarrassment.

How do you feel about men who use aegyo? Are you on John Park’s side? Or do you find men’s aegyo adorable?

Source: osen & kpopseven
Tags: nugu

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