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Godwoon releases solo single, "In the Cloud"

Talented producer Shinsadong Tiger drew much attention for his first project album ‘Supermarket‘. Now, he’s set to expand on that project album with ‘Supermarket_another Half‘.

‘Supermarket_another Half’ will include tracks “Hub” by 4minute, “Stop” by G.NA, and “In the Cloud“, a solo track by B2ST member Son Dongwoon. The songs are scheduled to be released one after the other, starting with “In the Cloud” which was released at midnight on April 24th (KST).

With this new medium tempo ballad, B2ST’s maknae Dongwoon shows the fans what he can bring to the table as a soloist, singing the joys of a man that’s helplessly fallen in love. The pop-style track brings out Shinsadong Tiger’s classic electronic sound, and the repetitive trendy melody line is sure to capture the fans with just one listen. This solo track by Dongwoon serves as a sweet gift to the B2ST fans that are eagerly awaiting the boys’ comeback scheduled to take place next month.

Sources: Allkpop, b2utygirls06

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