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Infinite on Hanryu Pia (Scans + Interview)

Hallyu Pia April 2012 Edition
‘Everyone, just be prepared to enjoy it.’
Infinite, who entered in while giving off a scent of masculinity. After debuting in Japan last November through BTD, they made a record of getting 2nd place on the Oricon Daily Charts on their first appearance! They, whose popularity is continuously increasing in Korea and Japan, are called ‘trend-dols (idols who are currently the most popular)’. They have come back more improved with their second Japanese single, ‘Be Mine’

Concerts in Korea and Japan
‘Live up the experience’
I: I interviewed you guys before when you made your Japanese debut. So today, let’s talk about a continuation form there. You busily spent the holidays and had your first solo concert at Korea, ‘Second Invasion’, in February.
Woohyun: “We experience our first solo concert in September at Japan. And this one was our first in Korea, but I believe that we became skilled in areas like seating and communication, how to look charming on stage, and how to lead a concert. We did the concert with confidence.”
Dongwoo: “Through the experience of having a solo concert in Japan and Korea, I can feel that we’re growing. I’m proud to have been able to do such an amazing experience. I believe that we grew because of how our efforts built up from how we gain personal goals every time we do a concert or when our members’ point out each other’s mistakes after finishing a live performance.”
I: After having a concert in Seoul, you also opened another ‘Second Invasion’ performance in Tokyo, Japan. Was there an episode that happened in Japan?
Woohyun: “Because I had too much passion when dancing, I ripped the thigh part of my pants (laughter). Because fans were watching from below, I was nervously wondering, ‘Did they see it?’. (laughter)”
I: Woohyun ripped his pants during your debut stage as well.
Woohyun: “I think I have a jinx of ripping my pants (laughter). Is it because our dance is powerful?”
Hoya: “Maybe Woohyun hyung’s clothes is always previously worn by someone else and then given to him?”
I: Hoya always lightly throws in a funny sentence~
Hoya: “Huh!? You just noticed?”
Everyone: “Ahahahahahahahaha (laughter)”
I: Sungjong played the piano for L’s solo stage.
L: “Because I was a little burdened about singing a ballad by myself……. I lived through it because Sungjong helped. To Sungjong, who thought of me and helped, I want to help him as a hyung.”
I: Because Sungjong and Sungyeol’s ‘Trouble Maker’ was shocking……….
Sungjong: “You thought that I would be the female role, right? Since I’ve only been showing girl group dances up till now, I wanted to show my manly side. And I’ve become 20 years old too!”
Sungyeol: “That’s right, that’s right. I let Sungjong do it as a commemoration of him becoming 20 years old. I also thought that Sungjong would be the female role at first, but I thought it would be cool to twist it and for me to do it.”
I: After this interview is finished, your encore concert, ‘Second Invasion - Evolution’, is opening a few days later in Korea. But since Hallyu Pia will be released after the performance is finished, please inform us about a couple points to notice.
Sungyeol: “We can never! Since we don’t know where the secret could be leaked out to. I’m not going to say anything. But what I can say is that we’ll be showing a thorough, shocking, and spectacular stage!”
I: Ah~~ You’re petty! (laughter)
Woohyun: “Then I’ll give a hint. There will be a solo stage.”
I: There were solo stages during ‘Second Invasion’ too!
Sungyeol: “Our ‘Trouble Maker’ stage was a unit. But this time, everyone has a solo stage. You’ll be able to feel the individual charms of all 7 members. You’ll be surprised! Huhuhu (laughter)”
I: You’ll be holding a concert in front of 10,000 audience members this time……..
Hoya: “For us, the larger it is, the more strength we show.”
Sungyeol: “Huh!? Then are you saying that the smaller it is, the more we can’t do it? What do we do when there’s only 1 person?”
Hoya: “Ah~ one-to-one might be a bit hard (laughter).”
I: You’ll be revealing a new song, right?
Woohyun: “Sunggyu hyung will!”
Sunggyu: “It is one of the songs from the album that will be released in May and although the song is a bit sad, it’s quite cheerful. I will be singing it while playing an instrument…”
Sungyeol: “Sunggyu hyung said too much~”
I: Every time there is a concert, Woohyun sobs loudly. Why?
Everyone: “That’s right, that’s right!!!!! (explosive laughter).”
Woohyun: “Because I’m innocent!!!! But when I’m on stage and my eyes come in contact with Sunggyu hyung’s, I think of all the hard times we had and get overwhelmed with ‘we finally came all the way here’, and tears come out.”
Sunggyu: “When we look into each other’s eyes, tears come out.”
Woohyun: “Sunggyu hyung~!!!”
What % of masculinity do they have?
We find it through ‘Be Mine’
I: Your second single, ‘Be Mine’, will be released in Japan on April 18th. In what areas did you improve on from the release of ‘BTD’ in November?
Woohyun: “Visuals!!! I’ve recently been paying attention to my skin and eyes~ My eyes come out small on TV.”
Sungyeol: “All of us improved. And that’s why I think we receive love from our fans and were able to release our second single.”
I: You filmed an original MV for ‘Be Mine’ in Japan. Is there an episode that happened during the filming?
Dongwoo: “While stretching, I thought my thigh area was going to rip.”
Everyone: “Ah~ That (explosive laughter).”
Dongwoo: “I thought I was going to do…… Since men are definitely different from women, it’s really too much to rip our legs~ (laughter)”
I: Then ‘Be Mine’ is the Japanese version of ‘내꺼하자 (Be Mine)’, which gained your first 1st place in Korea, but please explain what kind of song it is.
L: “Like the Euro-pop songs of the 80’s, it’s a song where the chorus is impressive. I think it’s a song that expresses Infinite’s own color and specialty well.”
Dongwoo: “It’s a song that confesses, ‘You can cry in my arms. Be mine’, to a girl who is crying in someone else’s arms. A manly song.”
I: Then who is the manly one in Infinite?
Sungjong: “Sunggyu hyung!”
Hoya: “Just like his age, he has had plenty of experience.”
Sunggyu: “Yes, I admit it! But wouldn’t masculinity be, ‘an understanding heart’?? Someone who can embrace everything. To that thought, I still have a lot of self-centered areas and I think my masculinity percent would be around 70%?”
Hoya: “I think I know what you mean by ‘an understanding heart’! I think you’re talking about me (laughter).”
L: “I’m still not there yet………… I would say my masculinity percent would be around 50%~”
Sungyeol & Dongwoo: “50% for me as well.”
Dongwoo: “I still haven’t done anything properly and I think I lack in responsibility.”
Sungjong: “Huh~? Dongwoo hyung is manly. I admire him. I think I’m still a child.”
Woohyun: “I’m a strong man that protects Inspirits 100%!”
I: In ‘Be Mine’, there’s a man who is protecting the woman who got hurt and then there’s a man who is hurting her. Who do you think would be like the latter bad boy type?
Woohyun: “Sunggyu hyung! He would say that he would take care of you and then play hard to get.”
Sunggyu: “I agree!”
Everyone: “Ah~ (laughter)”
I: The producers of ‘Be Mine’, Han Jaeho-sshi and Kim Seungsoo-sshi are also in this April edition. What kind of advice did you receive from them about ‘Be Mine’?
Sungyeol: “Because my part needed acting, they told me, ‘liven up your emotions as much as possible.’”
Woohyun: “It’s the ‘Do you hear me~’ part.”
Sungjong: “I was given advice to do my part as if my ‘emotions were boiling up’.”
L: “They personally guide each and every part that we cannot do. And they always say, ‘sing with emotions’. They are the people who make the impossible, possible.”
Sunggyu: “They said ‘following the rhythm is the most important thing!’ I put an effort in trying to sing the chorus rhythmically when I was recording.”
I: What did you enjoy about your Japanese promotions back in November?
Woohyun: “Getting 2nd place on Oricon Charts! I want to get 1st with ‘Be Mine’!”
Sungjong: “High-five~! It was so fun that I want to do it again. I think it was good that we were able to meet with our fans. And there were people who cried while listening to our songs during the release event. I was touched after seeing that.”
L: “Yeah. When we hear or see people cheering us on, we become happy.”
Dongwoo: “When I go back to the hotel and take a shower, I calmly feel, ‘Ah~ The day has finished today as well.’ I become very devoted to it then.”
I: What kind of image will you show during your Japanese promotions in April?
Dongwoo: “We want to show that our scale has become larger. Anticipate it a lot. Wait healthily for us.”
L: “I’m really looking forward to seeing how ‘Be Mine’ will be shown to everyone. My heart is beating!”
Sungyeol: “Being able to promote in Japan again is due to our fans. Thank you. Through ‘Be Mine’, we’ll do promotions that can repay everyone’s support.”
Sungjong: “Everyone~~! We are going to Japan with ‘Be Mine’. Let’s do a high-five event again.”
Hoya: “We weren’t able to stay long in Japan during ‘BTD’, but we are going to Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka this time. We will be going next to everyone. We want to do more promotions.”
I: Then you’ll get more work~ (laughter)
Hoya: “(Smiles) We’ll work like ants.”
(I: Are you drunk?)
Masculinity to fit Infinite’s filming theme for ‘Be Mine’. Rather than filming it all matched up, it’s more free…… With that in mind, they went for a style with their neckties or shirt buttons loosened up. Because Hoya said, ‘Don’t we look a bit like drunk people?’ and pretended to act drunk, there were even lines that came out like, “Ah~ My head~ My memory~” (Laughter).
I: Then to close it up, the leader……
Woohyun: “Wait a second~! There’s still Woohyun left! We’ll go to Japan again. We want to hurry and meet with everyone. I really want to see you up-close. That’s why I want to go on a trip where we can spend time together with fans.”
I: Isn’t that just because you want to go on a trip……? (Tackles from the members!) Then to close it up, the leader. Please clean it up clearly.
Sunggyu: “I’m full of a thankful heart that we are able to let people in Japan listen to Infinite’s music again. We are prepared completely.”
Everyone: “Oh~ He’s cool!”
Sunggyu: “Everyone, just be prepared to enjoy it. We will show you a cool side!”
The group, Infinite, who is hiding an infinite amount of charms.
What kind of people do the members think each other are?
Reaffirming the 7 members of Infinite through the eyes of the 7 members!
Lee Sungjong is a ____ person!
Sunggyu: A kind person.
He knows well that he’s the youngest and he does any role well.
Dongwoo: A cute person.
He’s good at acting~ and good at talking~
Woohyun: A pretty person.
He’s cute and really pretty.
Hoya: A truthful person.
Sungjong never lies.
Sungyeol: A deep person.
Because he’s young, I thought his mind would be young too, but the things he thinks about has depth and he’s a cool dongsaeng who knows how to be considerate towards his hyungs.
L: A kind person.
Because he’s the maknae.
Lee Sungyeol is a _____ person!
Sunggyu: A funny person.
In reality, he is full of passion and likes competitions. He’s a kid full of passion.
Dongwoo: A firm person.
Even if he chooses a rough path, he goes through with it.
Woohyun: A tall person.
I’m envious because he’s tall.
Hoya: A funny person.
When I’m with him, I laugh to the point where my stomach hurts.
L: A person with big eyes.
Giant eyes
Sungjong: A person with many thoughts.
He has many thoughts~ Whenever something happens, he’s locked in his thoughts.
L is a _____ person!
Sunggyu: A cute person.
Although he looks very cold from the outside, he has a lot of aegyo in reality.
Dongwoo: A quite reserved person.
Although he is part of the maknae line (2nd from the bottom), he gives an influence.
Woohyun: A good-looking person.
He’s cool.
Hoya: A good-looking person.
Even L’s face shines.
Sungyeol: Unlike his looks, he is a gentle person.
Although he looks cool from the outside, he’s has aegyo and affection.
Sungjong: A good-looking person.
He has a statue-like face~ ^^
Nam Woohyun is a ____ person!
Sunggyu: A fun person.
Infinite’s moodmaker~~! He’s fun.
Dongwoo: A drawing paper person.
Depending on what color you use, he changes.
Hoya: A fun person.
His talking is funny.
Sungyeol: A person who is like a hyung and a friend.
There are aspects of him that seem like a hyungnim and aspects of him that seem like a friend.
L: A eehing eehing person. [T/N: aegyo sounds]
An expert in aegyo?
Sungjong: A person with a lot of aegyo.
He normally has more aegyo than the maknae! ^^
Hoya is a _____ person!
Sunggyu: A person with a strong sense of responsibility!
He always coolly completes the role he is in charge of or responsible for.
Dongwoo: A manly person.
If you just ask him, he does everyone!!
Woohyun: A person who is good at dancing.
I’m envious. Because he can dance well…
Sungyeol: A person with a cool sense of responsiblity.
If there’s something he says he will do, he always does it. Hoya, who overflows with a sense of responsibility!
L: A person who uses saturi [T/N: dialect]
A Busan person.
Sungjong: A manly person.
He’s the most masculine. Busan man ♥
Kim Sunggyu is a _______ person!
Dongwoo: A person who is a kind leader.
He talks softly to us well and makes us understand.
Woohyun: A person who is the leader.
He has a lot of responsibility!
Hoya: A reliable person.
He does his role of the leader well and he’s trustworthy.
Sungyeol: A person who was meant to be the leader.
He has all the qualities needed as a leader and looking over younger members well is not something that just anyone can do. He’s amazing!
L: A person with a sense of weight. [T/N: importance]
Because he’s the leader.
Sungjong: A person with a sense of responsibility.
He is responsibly doing the role of a leader well~ ^^
Jang Dongwoo is a _____ person!
Sunggyu: A bright person.
He is full of curiosity and has energy that doesn’t know when to stop.
Woohyun: Someone who knows style.
His sense is good.
Hoya: A random person.
Just like a rugby ball, I don’t know where he’ll bounce off to.
Sungyeol: A really comfortable person.
Although I’m younger, I can talk to him easily.
L: A person who is a mouth gums angel.
He is the angel of smiling.
Sungjong: An innocent person.
He’s innocent to the point where you could even say he’s more innocent than the maknae ♥

Sources: trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates blog.naver Scans byNamyeolah
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