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BoA sheds tears during her judge review of Park Jimin's performance on SBS "K-Pop Star"

BoA's tears during the recent SBS "K-Pop Star" broadcast has surprised viewers. On April 22nd, one of the Top 3 contestants, Park Jimin, performed "You Raise Me Up" on the latest broadcast of "SBS K-Pop Star."

During her performance, Park Jimin seemed to be at her peak of emotions and was seen crying. After listening and watching her stage, BoA was the first judge up for commentary and said, "Park Jimin is 16 years old right? When I was 16, I went to Japan alone," and began to shed tears.

BoA continued, "It was really hard for me. And I hated hearing, 'it's because she's BoA.' 'You can do anything because you're BoA,' 'it's not a problem for you because you're BoA.' While those words were encouraging, I still hated hearing them."

She followed up with, "Jimin, I think you get it too. 'Jimin can always do it because she's Jimin.' I felt sorry when I was watching your stage, you cried emotionally. But I was so proud of you when you kept going until the end."

Netizens commented, "I can imagine she's been through a lot. I empathized with BoA when she cried," "Seeing BoA's tears warmed my heart."

Meanwhile, Baek Ahyeon was eliminated from the competition, leaving Park Jimin and Lee Hayi as the finalists of "K-POP Star."

Source: btn News, KPOPSTAR & koreaboo
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