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Fans celebrates B1A4's 1st anniversary with giant video advertisement

B1A4 has received a special gift from fans. B1A4 celebrated their 1st anniversary since their debut on April 23rd, and fans have celebrated their anniversary by posting large advertising video located downtown in Seoul.

The CGV video advertisement is 20 seconds long and is posted above the Shinsegae Department Store in Gangnam and began showing on April 24th at midnight with the ad being played at an interval of 5 minutes.

B1A4 members thanked fans and said, "Thank you so much for always supporting us and giving us your love."

The group officially made their debut with "O.K" on April 23rd, and have since then released three albums, mini-albums "Let's Fly" and "It B1A4" and their studio album, "IGNITION." The group won awards at the end of the year as one of the top rookies, and have gained over 80,000 fans in the last year.

Currently, B1A4 is promoting their title track, "Baby I'm Sorry." 

article source: koreaboo + asiatoday
video source: supermochi94

I'm always in awe of their fancafe numbers 
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