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DJ Tukutz of Epik High to become a father

Epik High member DJ Tukutz has announced that his wife is pregnant!

DJ Tukutz uploaded a photo on Twitter, and wrote on the afternoon of April 24th, “I am receiving the greatest present that any person can receive. I am going to be a father. Everyone, please send me your blessing.”

The photo that he tweeted shows what must be he and his wife sitting on a bench, lovingly looking into each others’ eyes.

Seeing the tweet, Gaeko of hip hop group Dynamic Duo responded, “Congratulations and blessings. Jung Shik, you now have to sell your expensive clothes.

Fans who saw the tweet responded, “I can’t believe that Tukutz is now a father,” “I am curious if he will have a son or a daughter,” and “I hope you have a beautiful child who looks like his parents.”

DJ Tukutz got married in 2009 to his first love, a woman two years older than him, just two days before he enlisted in the army.

allkpop congratulates DJ Tukutz and his wife!

source: akp + star news via naver

So happy for them

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