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More EXO-K mini interview at Show Champion!

ShinDong: On the other side is EXO-K, please say your greetings.

EXO-K: WE ARE ONE! Hello, we are EXO-K!


ShinYoung: And also, EXO-K, they were also here at Show Champion last week and they talked a lot. They also talked about their powers then, and now they want to show it to the audience.

SD: Please show it to us. Which kind of power are you gonna show us?

Sehun: Uh, yes, we’ll be showing you my power—the wind—and our members will also help out. We’ll show you a little bit of it.

(goes and shows his amazing wind power by being all hot while his members try to extinguish his hotness by blowing wind at him)

Sehun: Are you seeing this? This is my power. (laughs awkwardly)

SD: Is this okay?

SY: Yes yes, this is the only way they can do it.

SD: Ah yes, but last week, Kai showed us that fast dance steps. So what are you gonna show us now?

Kai: I already showed you a part of the choreography of our title song, MAMA. Let me just say this here. Actually...

SD: You’re reading something aren’t you? What are you looking at?

SY: Wow, Shindong-ssi, you have a close relationship with them?

Kai: No, I’m not looking at anything. Well, actually, MAMA is choreographed by Christina Aguilera's choreographer, who also directed the movie "Fame". With such a famous artist doing it, we can become famous dancers. (claps in relief lol)

SD: That’s good! Even though it took him some time to say it, it’s still okay.

SY: Yes, yes, it’s done perfectly.

(basically, they’re looking for the “new F4” among the men who’re being interviewed by Shindong and Shinyoung. They’re gonna vote for who’s the best in each category—cuteness, coolness-- you get the drift)

Kim Jeong Jin: Since Shindong-ssi and I are already like this, we’re part of F4.

SD: Ah, you’re picking me? Okay, I understand.

KJJ: So yeah, we’re looking for the Sexy charisma style and Cute pretty boy to complete us.

SY: So we’re looking at EXO-K, Bae Chi Gi, and Baek Cheong Kang.

SD: We’re looking for the sexy charismatic one. Shall we look for him?

SY: Let’s see their intense stares. First is Baechigi.

(gives eye stare)

Now let’s see EXO-K.

SD: Shall Suho try?

Suho: Me?

SD: Yes, please give us your sexiest stare. Yes… 3,2,1!

Whoa! Yes, yes. One more, one more.

SY: D.O.-ssi, please try it.

SD: Please give us a charismatic one. 3,2,1!

SD: Yes, that’s good!

SY: The reaction from EXO-K members are a bit… (laughs)

SD: We’re now gonna decide who has the best charismatic look! Everyone, who do you think?

(everyone screams D.O. and Suho’s names)

SY: The sexy charismatic person is Suho! So now we’re gonna look for the cute pretty boy-style.

SD: So shall we start with EXO-K? Aegyo? How should we start? Baekhyun-ssi?

Baekhyun: Chanyeol and I will show some aegyo.

(shows some aegyo, OP tries to type while cringing from the cuteness)

SY&SD: So now Baek Cheong Kang should show some aegyo! (shows aegyo)

SD: Actually, since EXO-K are still young, it’s natural that they’re cute. But in Baek Cheong Kang’s age, it’s the embarrassing type of aegyo. So now, the winner of cuteness is Baek Cheong Kang.

SD: Shall the new F4 stand up then?

(stands up and poses)

Credits: Kpopmimi
Trans: Me

 Disclaimer: Please forgive me for the slight error of my translations as it's not my first language. And please credit me when taking my translations. I just like sharing the cuteness that is EXO~

That's all for now Omona, Now, I'll go to dreamland and dream of my bias ruiners, Sehun and Dough.

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