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120424 Tohoshinki, Sing Their Hearts Out During The Finale Of Their Nationwide Tour

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Popular male duo, Tohoshinki, held the finale of their tour, which attracted 550,000 audiences, at the Kyocera Dome Osaka on 23 April.

This is their first nationwide tour since the duo restarted activities in Japan in January 2011. Yunho (26) and Changmin (24) said, “As this is the finale, we will be even more passionate than usual, and give it all we have!” and showcased their explosive power from the first song onwards. As the fans were extremely passionate, Changmin said, “Everyone is too hyped up. It’s noisy!”, making the entire venue burst out in laughter. In addition, there was also an incident where Changmin had a cramp in his left foot during an intense dance track. The duo performed 25 songs, including their new single “Still”, passionately in front of an audience of 45,000.

Changmin expressed his gratitude to the fans again, “Today is the finale, but it became a time when we really feel how fortunate we are.” Yunho, who teared during the Tokyo Dome concert on 15 April as he was so overcome with emotions, gave a message to the fans which also sounded like something he was saying to himself. “It is a pity (that it is the end), but it’s alright! Because we can meet again.” The emotions upon the ending of the tour which brought 550,00 people together cannot be expressed in words. The fanclub event for 100,000 people will begin at the end of June.

Check out their latest video for "I AM." ONLY TVXQ

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