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Cute Oppa, BFF & Jung Yu Mi are the main cast for flawless I Need Romance 2

Lee Jin-wook cast as I Need Romance 2′s hero
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The sequel to tvN’s popular thirtysomething-career-ladies-navigate-love-sex-and-work drama I Need Romance has landed a leading man, and it’s Lee Jin-wook (Myung-wol the Spy).

It’s the year of the macho man, and I’m fully onboard that train. (Seriously, it’s the latest *thing* — we had the flower boy, the beast man, the flower boy again (those’ll never go out of style, really), and now the soonjung macho hero. Which is to say: the macho, macho man with the pure heart underneath the layers of hard muscle (rawr).)

Lee Jin-wook tends to be hit or miss for me, depending on the drama (he’s done a bunch of lackluster ones), but I generally like him and his contradictory traits of boyish bashfulness and growly, glowerly fierceness. He hasn’t really had his definitive role yet, so maybe this’ll do it for him — he plays a screenwriter who’s caught between loving and trying to get over a longtime girlfriend. Sounds similar to the longtime relationship setup of the original’s leads; I wonder how they’ll maintain the mark of the franchise while making Season 2 a drama of its own with a fresh new cast.

The show has yet to secure its heroine, but with casting under way I expect we’ll be hearing more shortly. I Need Romance 2 will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama following Queen In-hyun’s Man, and aims for a June broadcast.

Jung Yumi headlines I Need Romance 2

Hit cable drama I Need Romance‘s sequel has finally found a heroine in film actress Jung Yumi (The Crucible), who hasn’t been a regular in dramaland since 2007′s Que Sera Sera (save for a quick drama special two years ago). While I really enjoyed the first season of the tvN show that put a slick and sexy spin on thirtysomething single life in the city, second seasons always worry me. But now with Jung Yumi set to star, I pretty much can’t miss it.

The second season is more a spin-off than a sequel, since it’ll have none of the original characters, but just carries the same setting/concept. The title will be I Need Romance 2012, which makes me wonder how many years they plan to stretch this thing. Also, why would you waste the opportunity to call it I Need More Romance? The next one can be called I Need Even More Romance, followed by Just C’mere.

Lee Jin-wook (Myung-wol the Spy) has already signed on as the hero, and he’ll be joined by Kim Ji-suk (Personal Taste), who has just joined the cast as the other love interest. Um… these guys are Best. Friends. Like they-lub-each-other-so-much-people-think-they-might-be-gay-lovers best friends. Are they really going to fight over Jung Yumi in the same drama?

That’s gonna be awkward. Also, I wonder if Lee Jin-wook got his bestie the job. I actually think Kim Ji-suk is more interesting as an actor (more quirks, more personality), but Lee Jin-wook’s undoubtedly hotter, so he’s the bigger star. I hope their bromance is thicker than fiction. The story will follow the same basic setup as season 1: Lee Jin-wook plays the long-time boyfriend and Kim Ji-suk the new love interest who swoops in when the first relationship hits the rocks. The girlfriend trio will be rounded out by Kim Ji-woo (Office Love Life) and Kang Ye-sol (While You Were Sleeping).

I Need Romance 2012 airs on tvN in June.

Hebergeur d'image

Source & Credits : Dramabeans 2 , Onsen , Joy News

Wondering if ppl would comment if I ever post this Strong Heart ep (eng subbed) with the new MCs and most of all Wookie Oppa...
Srsly, counting days for I Need Romance 2... I'm not afraid of second seasons!
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