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One of K-Pop Queens to make her comeback in May

After a 3-year hiatus, Baek Jiyoung is set to make a comeback with a dance track. Her agency, WS Entertainment, announced on April 25th, "Baek Jiyoung will make a comeback and release a new mini-album. The title track will be a dance genre."

The official continued, "On August 13, 2009, Baek Jiyoung released a mini-album with a dance track. It has been 3 years since she released, Ego, which contained the track, My Ear's Candy. Since then, she has been focusing on OST drama activities and have released ballad tracks. She wants to show something different and we have high hopes for this album."

This news have attracted fans who have been waiting for her comeback, and are looking forward for the "Ballad Queen" to try her hand at dance music again.

WS Entertainment said, "While we cannot reveal it yet, Baek Jiyoung's concept for her upcoming mini-album will be completely different from the ones in the past."

Currently, Baek Jiyoung is acting as a training coach for Mnet's Voice of Korea and is getting ready to release her mini-album in mid-May.

Source: newsenkoreaboo
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