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[ENG] Strong Heart ep 125 & 126 with the new MCs and osm Guest(s)

Episode 125
Guest: Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue), Hyorin (Sistar), Lee Jin Wook, Kim Ji Suk, Jang Na Ra, Kim Shin Young, Jung So Min, Song Eun Lee, Shin So Yeon, etc
Part 1 & FULL ep under the cut
Password : kshownowrules

Episode 125 FULL :

Episode 126
Code : YonghwaSH

Source & Cr Translation : 1 , 2
gotta love the Boom, DongWook, JinWook & JiSuk friendship!
I hope it'll be ok for the videos! The first one is in one part, I thought it would be better than having 678987 parts....
k... For now I can't fix the pbm of that page... plz bear it a few hours until I get home ^^'

Tags: actor/actress, c.n blue, lee dong wook, sistar

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