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Ivy makes funny faces on Strong Heart

Ivy made some incredibly hilarious expressions on the April 24th broadcast of SBS's Strong Heart, completely tearing down the image that people had of her.

The star debuted with a sexy image, but she confessed, "I was actually born in the countryside of Choongnam" and shared that one of her hobbies was making funny faces. Comedian Jung Juri shocked the crowd when she said, "When I take a picture with Ivy, she looks worse than me."

Ivy said, "The muscles in my face move very well. Even if I have to compete against comedians, I am confident that I will not lose."

With this, the competition to make the funniest face on Strong Heart began. All the guests were asked to make funny faces, but nobody could hold a candle to Ivy.

Ivy continued, "I have been practicing for 15 years. In junior high school I tried to make the person sitting in front of me laugh by making a monkey face and found out the muscles in my face move well" and once again made a face that brought everyone to laughter.

Source: nateallkpop
Tags: ivy, lolz, prection, sbs, tv shows

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