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infinite’s sunggyu, gets congratulated for his birthday by 3000 japanese fans

A surprise gift that happened during the commemoration event for the release of their new single.
The leader of Infinite, Sunggyu, received a surprise birthday gift from 3000 Japanese fans.
It was when Infinite’s commemoration event for the release of their second single, ‘Be Mine’, took place on the 25th in Tokyo’s Tokyo Dome City Hall.
Infinite created an amazing live performance this day through the Japanese version of their hit song, ‘Be Mine’, along with the Japanese version of ‘Julia’ and their debut song, ‘BTD’, and performed ‘Paradise’ as an encore song for the fans’ cheers.
To their new single, released on the 18th, getting a record of being 2nd on weekly Oricon charts, Sunggyu and L displayed a new determination by saying, “We will repay everyone through an amazing performance”, and, “We will become an Infinite that continues to improve.”
Also following the entrance of the cake, the leader Sunggyu, whose birthday is on the 28th, received the surprise gift of Japanese fans singing a happy birthday song for him. After receiving it, he said, “I’m happy to the point where I can’t believe it,” and took commemoration pictures with the members and the fans as the background.
After finishing the event, Infinite shared high-fives with their fans and personally expressed their thanks. Following the one in Tokyo, more commemoration events for their single release will be taking place on the 27th in Osaka and on the 30th in Fukuoka.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; yeonhap news ; take out with full credits

Granpa Gyu's birthday in 2/3 days \O/
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