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Kim Soo Hyun to model for J.ESTINA with his ideal woman Kaya Scodelario

Actor Kim Soo Hyun received the opportunity to work with his ideal woman, British actress Kaya Scodelario.

The two celebrities were chosen to model as a couple for Korean jewelry brand J.ESTINA.

Kaya Scodelario is a British actress / model who is a main character in the British drama ‘Skins‘. She’s been labeled as the ‘next Emma Watson’ and holds much interest and expectations from fans. Kim Soo Hyun previously revealed that Kaya was his ideal type through a magazine interview last month on March 7th. After this revelation, the opportunity for them to model together arose.

Through various advertisements, Kim Soo Hyun has worked with beautiful, famous women and celebrities like Kim YunaPark Tae Hwan, and Shin Se Kyung. However, it is expected that his photoshoot with Kaya Scodelario could be his best yet.

A representative from J.ESTINA stated, “Because of the big impact Girls’ Generation made with our campaign several months ago, we had some concern on our next move. Because we saw Kim Soo Hyun receive a lot of positive feedback through ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘, we decided to choose him.”

Kaya Scodelario is scheduled to fly into Korea in May to participate in the photoshoot with Kim Soo Hyun.

source: akp + joongang via nate

Tags: actor/actress, foreign celebrities
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