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DSP BOYS Hyeongkon, gets lots of support from male fans as an 'Army Idol'

Hyeongkon, a member of the boygroup A-JAX is getting support from male fans for being an army idol.

A-JAX started their activities through MBCMUSIC’s reality show ‘Making The Star - DSP BOYZ’ on the 24th.

Hyeongkon introduced himself as a ‘sweet army idol’ and got lots of support from male fans. He was in the army from October 2008 till August 2010.

He called the army winter jacket ‘the only friend’ and showed off a unique affection towards it. He still has the jacket with him and sometimes wears it during his practice.

He is getting lots of support as a second member to join the ‘army idols’, followed by 2AM’s Changmin.

Meanwhile, A-JAX is preparing for their debut which will be in mid-May.


jushy yo


Mods, if they ever recieve a tag, can we come up with some type of compromise, because i am just in refusal to call them A-Jax
Tags: army, dsp entertainment, pre-debut

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