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Chi Chi debuts in Japan + Korean comeback announced

The 5-member girl group Chi Chi released their first Japanese single, “Karakawanaide!!” on April 25th, after revealing the MV a while earlier. To promote their new album, they held a showcase titled “Shibuya Chi Chi Festival” at Tower Records in Tokyo on the evening of the release.

Chi Chi is now making their appearance as a 5-member group, after a new member, “Shine,” recently joined the group. Their agency commented, “Chi Chi will be showing a different musical theme from the other K-pop groups in Japan. The fans’ interest is growing quickly here.”

In addition to their Japanese promotions, Chi Chi will also be releasing a new album in Korea this summer, so they will be quite busy managing performances and promotions in both Korea and Japan.

Source: Financial News & koreaboo
Tags: comebacks, nugu

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