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Block B - Close My Eyes Teaser & some updates

Block B has just released a teaser for “Close My Eyes” to announce their upcoming repackaged version of the group’s highly successful second album, ‘Welcome to the Block‘.

If fans pre-order now, they’ll receive a large group poster as well as three random member bromide posters while supplies last. ‘Welcome to the Block Repackage’ is due out May 2nd.

Check out the teaser for the title track “Close My Eyes”, with lyrics penned by Zico and Kyung, and the album’s track list below!

Track List:

1. Close My Eyes
2. Action (RMX)
3. LOL
4. Synchronization 100%
5. Action
6. Nanrina (inst.)
7. LOL (inst.)
8. Synchronization 100% (inst.)
9. Close My Eyes (inst.)
10. Action (RMX) (inst.)

Tip: Zoe

Block B to perform for the first time in Malaysia

The month of May is sure a lucky month for K-pop fans! It has been reported by Sin Chew Daily (Chinese newspaper) that Block B will be in Malaysia on May 26.

The seven-member group will replace U-KISS at the official opening of Kenanga Wholesale City Shopping Center. Showtime starts at 3pm.

Jaehyo's Cyworld Update (120425)

TITLE: I grew out my hair
kekeke our CEO said he'll punish me if I cut my hair!

TITLE: The crocodile who became excited by looking at the cucumber
The crocodile who's rich in teeth became excited by looking at the cucumber

Source: Jaehyo's Cyworld
Translated By: soulmusiq @ blockbintl.com

source: allkpop  7ontheblock  xxdluvsjiroxx (LQ)  Kpopped! Jaehyo's Cyworld soulmusiq blockbintl peedee baby (HD)

I miss them so much,,hope they could perform at music show
note: sorry mod, forgot to put it's title, just ignore my last submission

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