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Taeyang's solo album ready... minus the title track

Taeyang's excerpt from An An Magazine:

Aim to be an unprecedented artist who is recognized like ‘SOL=music’

“This album is an innovative work for Big Bang.
Reflecting that we had been mindful of the trends too much[previously], all of the members have [now] given their opinions, and each one’s individuality was brought to the fore.”

SOL, who leads Big Bang’s music with his smooth voice, is a talented singer collaborating with various artists.

“I’ve been preparing my solo album since last year, so I hope to release it this year. The songs and the concept image were already set. All I have to do is wait for meeting a title song.”

It’s much awaited news as a fan.  By the way, what does ‘waiting for a song’ mean?

“Recently, I realized that music is not made but gathered. If I make it against my will, sometimes it goes different directions from my thoughts or color. I think when the music is naturally made with good intuition, it could be conveyed to people’s hearts.”

SOL, who is growing up as Big Bang’s spiritual prop, as well as an artist. What’s your future goal?

“I don’t have a specific goal, but as I’m free in music and I myself am music and dance -I wish to be that kind of person. And I wish I could be a being who gives hope to people.”


And another little excerpt..

Q4: Among books you recently read, movie, or fashion, what’s your favorite?

I’m into scarves or bandanas these days.

Source: Always Taeyang
From Korean Translation by YBMania
English translation by Myokoon of

I hope he meets that title song fairly soon as Big Bang will be probably touring the world at fall and GD is probably releasing his solo album around his birthday on August 18th, so that leaves basically only July and early August free after Big Bang finish their Japanese tour.
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