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Police Gain Legal Right to Forcibly Enter Homes of Domestic Abuse

Anchor: Under revised laws, the police will soon be able to forcibly enter a home to deal with reports of domestic violence in emergency situations. Our Kim Soyon has the details.

Report: By law, police are required to turn away from reports of domestic violence if they aren't allowed into someone's home. However, a revision to the Domestic Violence Prevention Act will soon change all that.

The Gender Equality and Family Ministry says from May second, the revision will go into effect and allow officers to forcibly enter a home and investigate if they believe it's an emergency.

If necessary, the police can take tentative steps to remove the perpetrator from the home and ban that person from coming within 100 meters of the victim.

The Family Ministry expects the revised law to strengthen police intervention and help protect victims in the early stages of domestic abuse.

A recent survey indicates that 63 percent of domestic violence victims consider the abuse a personal matter and do not seek outside help. The survey also says that half of the victims have suffered under abuse in the home for over a decade. Experts call for more active measures to be prepared to protect the victims.

Kim Soyon, KBS World Radio News.

source: KBS Global
Tags: court / legal issues

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