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B1A4 wants to cross-dress, go shirtless, dance like Beyonce and more

When seeing the B1A4 members, the reporters’ first responses were compliments filled with “so good-looking”. However, this is not the only factor to their explosive popularity. It is because they infinitely satisfy the fantasies of girls and noonas with their sincere friendliness that transforms B1A4 into not just any admiration subject, but ‘an oppa who seems like your first love’ or ‘a cute next door dongsaeng’.

B1A4, who showed their fresh charms last year through ‘O.K’ and ‘Beautiful Target’, are showing a strong energy this time through their title song, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, after releasing their first official full length album, ‘IGNITION’.

B1A4, who are planning to finish their first official album’s promotions in Korea this week, showed their proud hearts by saying, “There were a lot of prejudiced thoughts about us. Since we often heard the phrase ‘visual group’, because of our fresh image during our 1st and 2nd album, we decided that we needed to show something else this time. So we personally participated in the composing and producing and we feel very satisfied because we feel that we expressed B1A4’s own colors well.”

B1A4, who set their first foot out last year on April 23rd and reached their first year since debuting, firmly set their own spot in the music industry that is being called the ‘Spring and Autumn Period’ of idols. And they have shown surprising results of building a fandom that exceeds 80,000 people in less than a year since their debut.

To this the members revealed what they thought was the reason to their popularity, “We try not to think about it and just show our true selves.” Although it was short, it was an answer that one could not help but agree with. When B1A4 is offstage from when they dominate the public with their fantastic stage manner, they are simply cute boys that like to play around. This is also to their fans as well.  When you see their greetings that come out from heartfelt cheerfulness or their true smiles, you can’t help but understand why so many girls love them

“Rather than think about how we have to stand out from other groups, we think more about how we need to show an improved side. That’s why we feel good when we hear, ‘B1A4 has their own style’. Although the initial reactions to our album were clearly divided, they say that they like it the more they listen to it. Since we wanted to show a more matured side from the start, we devoted ourselves in preparing for it and we were already a bit sensitive about the public’s comments, but we were happy because compliments were pouring out.”

B1A4 is really truthful. When I asked what kind of event they want to get headlined on a newspaper for this year, they endlessly exploded with titles of events that they would get happy from by just thinking such as, ‘1st Place on a Music Broadcast’, ‘Solo Concert Sold Out in 1 Minute’, ‘Sweep Away All the Bonsang Awards During End-of-the-Year Awards’, ‘B1A4 are the Romances of All Women’, and ‘The Music Industry Needs to Watch Out for B1A4’.

They are boys with quite a lot of greed. Is that why? The reporter felt slightly playful and made suggestions about a promise, “If all the events that B1A4 hopes for become reality, how will you show your thankfulness to your fans?” As soon as I asked them, a debate started among the members about what kind of event would last in their memories. In the end, each of the members talked about their own personal wish and they showed their infinite love for fans by agreeing for every wish that comes true for each person, there will be an event.

“If we get to open up our own solo concert, I will cross-dress perfectly and do SNSD’s dance.” (Gongchan)

“If we have a our own solo concert, I will wear a white shirt and sit on stage then with just one stage light on, I will get hit with a downfall of water.” (Sandeul)

“If we get first place on a music broadcast, we will create a human hamburger during our encore stage and sing.” (Jinyoung)

“If the title of, ‘Becomes the Romance of All Women’, comes out among articles for B1A4, then I will take off my shirt on stage and show my back to the fans.” (CNU)

“If B1A4 receives a Bonsang award during the end-of-the-year awards, I will do Beyonce’s dance after giving our award speech.” (Baro)

[B1A4’s Real Episode] - “The Day Jinyoungie Fell Down”

Jinyoung- “While doing dry rehearsals for a music broadcast, there was a part where I walk out for my part. However, when I put out a foot to go forward, it interlocked with a metallic ring accessory on my shoe and I fell down in that position and rolled around once. I should have placed my hand down when I fell, but thinking that I could just leave it alone, I didn’t go into position and just fell like that. I needed to sing, but the situation where all the singers and staff members were looking at me was honestly embarrassing. If it was before, I would have immediately gotten up and continued singing, but I remember thinking it over a bit because I was so embarrassed. And because there was a recording of that scene, we posted it on the internet for laughs, but our fans sincerely worried about it so we took it off the site, but it was still on the internet. That stage is the most memorable for this promotion period. (Laughter)

source: economy today, trans by hyejin @ b1a4trans
video source: ITB1A4TV
Tags: b1a4, cross-dressing / gender-bending, interview

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