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Yoona comments on Girls’ Generation’s hectic schedule and physical health

Singer and actress Yoona of Girls’ Generation discussed the hectic schedule and outstanding physical health of the group’s members.

During an interview on April 27th for KBS 2TV‘s drama ‘Love Rain‘, Yoona commented, “It’s a killer schedule… I think that it’s a little different from the other actors. Though other actors can usually rest after filming for the drama, there’s either an endorsement shoot to go to or etc., Even when there’s no drama filming for the day, I can’t rest because I need to either practice with the other Girls’ Generation members or fulfill another thing in my schedule. I think that’s why I hear [that it must be tough].”

She went on, “Truthfully, I do get tired sometimes. But the bright side is that since there are 9 members, we can split up work. Sometimes a few of us shoot for an endorsement deal first or we share activities… Though everyone’s busy, no one has fainted yet (Laughs).”

Yoona then revealed that the girls sometimes joke around about ways to get out of their hectic lifestyle, stating,“Among the members, we’ll joke, ‘Someone please faint or something. We need to rest.’ I think everyone’s very physically strong and healthy. We all exercise a lot as well.”

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