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Music Core suffers from an audio accident


MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘ unfortunately suffered a broadcast accident on the April 28th episode, causing a slight shift in the order of the performances.

MC’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun introduced Sunny Hill‘s performance of “Is the White Horse Coming” and the camera cut to their performance. However, instead of the song “Is the White Horse Coming”, Noel‘s “Leaving” began playing in the background.

The cameras quickly cut back to the emcees, as they were a bit surprised and stated, “There seems to have been a broadcast accident. We apologize.” The accident was quickly resolved as B.A.P‘s comeback stage was introduced next followed by Sunny Hill’s performance.

Upon hearing news of the broadcast accident, Sunny Hill’s Misung tweeted, “You guys were surprised after seeing the broadcast accident, huh? We were surprised too, but thanks to your supportive cheers, we were able to safely end our performance! Don’t worry^^ Noel sunbae must have also been surprised.. Hwaiting!”

Fellow member SeungAh retweeted Misung’s tweet and wrote, “We could have a collaboration stage performance! How refreshing [The White Horse is Leaving].”

“The way Taetiseo are surprised is so cute,” viewers commented. “Sunny Hill, B.A.P, and Noel all suffered“, “Broadcast accidents seem to be frequent on Music“, and more.

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