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Exid Changes Members

Shinsadong Tiger′s girl group, EXID, will undergo changes in its members.

On April 30, EXID’s agency, AB Entertainment revealed, “Original members Yoo Ji, Dami and Hye Ryung will leave the group and two members will be recruited.”

Regarding the reasons for the member change the agency said, “For Yoo Ji and Dami, the two decided to depart the group for academic reasons while Hye Ryung will be changing her career and start new activities there.”

The agency continued, “After we recruit the two members, we will begin album preparations in a new manner so please pay attention and be in anticipation of them."

EXID debuted in March with the single Holla and title song Whoz That Girl. After transforming from a six-member group to a five-member group, they plan to release a new album in June.

Source: global mnet
Lol they just debuted and two are already gone. Sinking Ship already
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