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It's about a Goddess & her new movie

Ko Hyeong Jeon on the poster of "Miss Conspirator"

Actress Ko Hyeon-jeong's movie "Miss Conspirator" which is due to be released in June has let out its poster and teasers.

Movie Company Dorothy revealed the teaser poster for "Miss Conspirator" on the 30th. In the poster,Ko Hyeon-jeong is holding a gun with her eye downwards, as if she was waiting for something to happen.

Next to the picture it's written, "Yoo Hae-jinSeong Dong-ilLee Moon-sikKo Chang-seokPark Shin-yang, you messed with the wrong person by Ko Hyeon-jeong". "Miss Conspirator" is about a woman with panic disorder getting involved in a drug case and has been an issue since the fact that Ko Hyeon-jeong was going to be the main cast of the movie was known.

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