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So one more EXO member fell into U-Know Yunho's trap


From: H.O.T - Shinhwa - TVXQ - Super Junior - SHINee

All the boy groups produced by SM Entertainment, not one has failed. More than a hundred trainees have been training under SM Entertainment, hoping to be polished and grind into a star. And within one year, all of the hot rookies could become SM Entertainment's new rising star.

SM Entertainment's new boy group EXO-K (consisting of Suho, D.O, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, and Baekhyun) has debuted with their first mini album <MAMA>. As rising stars, they've topped the charts on different sites already, beating out their seniors. With their other half (EXO-M) aimed for the Chinese market, it has also caught a lot of attention from the media. In total, EXO consist of 12 members, but is separated into two groups EXO-K, whom are responsible for the Korean music industries and market, while EXO-M aims to pursue in the Chinese music industry. The twin group, whom both debuted on the same date, same time, with the same songs, just with the lyrical language difference are now promoting in two countries. The name EXO derived from a planet called EXOPLANET which is a planet in the outer space, basically meaning that they're the mysterious new born rising legends from another planet.

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credits: isplus + reen @ CODE:EXO

translated by: xiushipao @ CODE:EXO

Tags: dong bang shin ki, exo, yunho

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