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IU will release "Spring at the Age of Twenty" single on May 11th

LOEN Entertainment has confirmed that IU will release a single with three new songs on May 11th, six months since her last album, Last Fantasy. The title track for the single is Spring at the Age of Twenty, and IU will release a self-composed song ahead of the single's release on May 4th at midnight.

The Spring at the Age of Twenty single will be a special gift for IU's fans for supporting her since her debut, she will perform the title track for the first time at her solo concert in June. It has also been announced that a short movie will accompany the release of Spring at the Age of Twenty, which may be the video IU previously filmed in Italy. The movie will be different from the typical music video and will have a "documentary" feel.

LOEN Entertainment announced, "Instead of releasing a song with a conventional style for IU's new single this time, we attempted a new approach to convey emotions and story behind the music through a short movie. Please look forward to IU's unique new single."

Source: naverweheartiukoreaboo
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