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Rookie group Taken to return next month

It's been revealed through the group's official daum fancafe that boy group Taken will be making a return next month.

Along with the news on the fancafe, leader Seongwon was also spotted to have tweeted "Wow, this place is very nice!! Today, our first recording day!! So so happy!!", remarking the recording for their comeback release had officially started. A picture with the members was included in the tweet.

The group will be returning with an altered line-up, as three members were revealed to have left since their debut last year. Members Yoojun, Seungyul and Geonwoo left the group to focus on studying and other personal things that were not named. Taehyuk, who was reported to have left earlier on, returned to the group after a short time.

Seongwon was also noted to have tweeted that the group has received invitations from Paris and Russia for possible schedules. Taken's management was revealed to be in negotiation with the organizers.

Source: @sswonn, onlyonetaken, united-taken-ones & koreaboo
Tags: comebacks, nugu

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