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When being a fangirl irritates your boyfriend

Legendary idol group Shinhwa guest-featured on the May 1st broadcast of KBS 2TV's Hello to listen to the concerns of the contestants.

An anti-Shinhwa fan made an appearance on the episode to share his dilemma about his girlfriend who was an avid fan of Shinhwa.

He opened up by saying, "My girlfriend doesn't come out of her house ever since Shinhwa made their recent comeback."

"Other groups break up so easily, so why is it that Shinhwa keeps making comebacks?" he asked, causing the audience members to explode into laughs.

MC Lee Young Ja then suggested he shake the hands of the Shinhwa members and formally say hello. Agreeing to this, the guest shook everyone's hands with the exception of Minwoo.

Minwoo was his girlfriend's favorite member, and Minwoo was able to easily spot her in the audience. He went towards her, and her boyfriend demanded that the two separate.

"This is so irritating", he blurted, seeing his girlfriend sit side by side with Minwoo.

"My girlfriend gives me random pop quizzes on Shinhwa", he continued. "She gives me a kiss every time I get the answers right."

The guest was then handed photos of the Shinhwa members, and given permission to draw on their faces. "I'm sorry" he said, as he joyfully drew on Minwoo's face. When finished, he mercilessly crumbled Minwoo's face in half.

The segment begins around the 9:00 mark below above. (also 2nd part is here)

Source: article - nateallkpop, videos - SERA0216 (1 2)
Tags: kbs, lee minwoo, shinhwa, tv shows

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