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Lee Hyori's boyfriend Lee Sang Soon to appear on "You And I"

The latest "beauty and the beast" couple, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon will appear on the same program at the same time.

Lee Sang Soon will appear on Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung's You And I. The recording of this particular episode will take place on May 1 and Lee Sang Soon will stand on stage as the guitarist for singer/songwriter Yoon Young Bae's performance.

Sources from You And I spoke with Sports Seoul and stated, "Lee Sang Soon isn't appearing as a guest but as a guitarist. He had previous ties with Yoon Young Bae and participated in a guitar session during Yoon Young Bae's concert. At the moment, Lee Sang Soon has not made any comments about Lee Hyori but we don't know what will happen when they actually meet on set."

This will be the first time that the couple will be standing on the same stage since they publicly announced their relationship. Especially after Lee Hyori's guest appearance on Healing Camp on April 23, where she shared her feelings and the inside stories of her relationship, fans are anticipating this episode even more.

This episode of You And I will air on May 13.

Source: soompi (+ korean site(s) soompi didn't credit lol)
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