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B.A.P's interview with OLLEH MUSIC

They have evolved, B.A.P

In their second album, it is more different than their first album where B.A.P showed an advancement in music and performance and even appearance. The music became more amazing and intense and their performance became a splendor at every moment that doesn’t fail to gain admiration. Moreover, their previous blonde hair, brings much praise from fans when each member’s personality is clearly shown when their hairstyle changed drastically.

But that’s not the only thing that has evolved. Leader Bang Yongguk’s charisma seem to have add a little weight, Himchan able to show the act of being possessed. Daehyun and Youngjae vocals deliver a strong feeling as of a warrior’s, dance prodigy Jongup serves to be more complicated, 15-year-old genius ‘smiling-boy’, seem to show that growth is never a limit. These are the six warriors, B.A.P, that sings for the transformation of the society.

► Direct introduce POWER album story

Composer: Jeon Daun, MARCO / Lyrics: Jeon Daun, MARCO, Bang Yongguk

Bang Yongguk - This is an intro song, it’s a rock based, hip hop song. Our TS music composer Jeon Daun-nim with MARCO, our composer, as the co-producer, I participate in the lyrics so as to express the story of teenagers that want freedom, expressed with the intense beat and rap. It has a hip hop drum beat in it, overall, the sound has an authentic feel of a hard rock song.


Composer: Kang Jiwon, Kim Kibum / Lyrics: Kang Jiwon, Kim Kibum, Bang Yongguk

Daehyun - This song is also made by the one who created Secret’s hit song and our debut song ‘WARRIOR’, Kang Jiwon and produced by Kim Kibum. It has an intense hardcore rock and hip hop sound that were mixed and this (genre) is called hardcore hip hop. It is really distinct from the songs that are out nowadays where it has a fresh sound, it delivers a strong message where the weak has to wake up and fight against the strong tyranny who are only against the money and power.


Composer: Park Suseok, Inwoo / Lyrics: Park Suseok, Inwoo, Bang Yongguk

Youngjae - This song, too, is composed by our company’s composer, Park Suseok, together with Inwoo, where the arrangement of it is strong for the ears with the sound of electric guitar. Yongguk hyung and Zelo fits the song with their wild rap. With the aggressive lyrics and intense rock sound, the combination blends well with our B.A.P masculinity with this appealing song

4. 전부 거짓말

Composer: Kim Kibum / Lyrics: Kim Kibum, Bang Yongguk

Himchan - This is the only R&B ballad song in the album, this song expresses the feeling of a man who regretted their separation right after he was aware of his love’s emotions. Daehyun-gun and Youngjae-gun sang this with emotions, the vocal expressions is rich as the vocal has lead it well, also the rap by Yongguk-i and Zelo are well mixed together.

B.A.P's message {no transl} // don't be surprised it the video randomly pauses few times, it's the same with the video from the official site

[INTERVIEW] B.A.P’s strong comeback

Q: This is Olleh Music family, everyone please give us your greeting.
A: Hello, Olleh Music family, we are B.A.P! Yes sir! We, B.A.P, have come back to recharge with our strong power in our second single [POWER]. This is our first meeting with Olleh Music. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Q. Do tell us about your new music.
A. (Bang Yongguk) Following our debut album [WARRIOR], in this single album we have 4 songs in total, including the intro. Our tittle song ‘POWER’ is composed by the same composer who composed ‘WARRIOR’, Kang Jiwon and Kim Kibum, where the powerful hardcore rock and hip hop sound is mixed, thus it is called harbored hip hop. From the beginning it has an intense sound and heavy rap, if you listen to it, it is different from the songs we have now and this new (sound) will be born. It is much stronger than ‘WARRIOR’ and you can feel the evolution of it in its sound.

Q. What do you think is the concept of this ‘POWER’ album?
A. (Himchan) In this album, our concept is that we are aliens that came from outer space. You must watch ‘POWER’ music video! In ‘WARRIOR’ we fight agains the absurdity of the society where our image are as warriors, the truth is, we are not warriors that came from earth actually are from outer space. However, our target is the anger we have towards these societies on earth.

Q. What is point in ‘POWER’ that we should give our maximum attention to?
A. (Daehyun) The point that you have to give your maximum attention to is wholly, from the strong, intense sound to the brilliant performance. At the start, it is Yongguk hyung’s own lyrics of rap. When I first heard it, it hit the song so well and I thought, “wow, that was really great”. Also the ‘King Kong dance’, ‘highkick dance’, ‘phoenix dance’, ‘spray dance’ where (it shows that) we stand strong on the reigns, that proven that it fits perfectly well with the song and lyrics. If we were asked to define the word ‘POWER’, Yongguk hung would say that it is not a borrowed ‘revolution’.

Q. B.A.P’s ‘POWER”s choreography point
A. (Jongup) ‘POWER’ has a lot of choreography but the point of it is the ‘spray dance’. There is a break time later in the song and that is when we use the spray, on our previous ‘WARRIOR’, we did a crump dance, this is especially to create a unique performance.

Q. Jacket shooting, music video shooting episode
A. (Zelo) This is during the teaser shooting. We were to enter the green-painted water, one by one. But, since it’s water-paint, the shoes have to be thrown right away. So, with only a pair of shoes, we will take turns on wearing it. Surprisingly, we all seem to have the same foot size. Haha. Before entering the water, it was already a late night shooting, I was drifting in and out of sleep, I had to wore the shoes that Daehyun-i hyung previously and I wore it barefooted, the shoes were really cold. So, I was really shocked.

Q. B.A.P’s in future overseas plans
A. (Himchan) Not long ago, we had a joint fanmeeting with our sunbanims, Secret, in Singapore, the number of fans that came to wait and greet us at the airport was fascinating, (we) thank you. In June, we are planning to have our first showcase tour. We hope that many people will come to see our stage.

Q. Future action plan
A. (Bang Yongguk) It shouldn’t take such a long period, while preparing for ‘POWER’ we want many people to hear it and give us their thoughts about it afterwards. We will act diligent for in the future. We hope to gain more affection and interest as you watch over it. We will become B.A.P that work harder and harder. Thank you!

Q. Any greetings for the Olleh Music family
A. To the Olleh Music family, so far, if you’re reading this interview, thank you. To the fans who have waited since ‘WARRIOR’, do give us support and we would like to reward the many people with the album from our hearts since the start, please give us lots of love. This has been, B.A.P!


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