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Although the premiere of SM Entertainment's movie, "I AM" was cancelled, the showcase was still held on April 30 in Seoul.

Director Choi Jin Sung along with all of the SM Entertainment artists attended this showcase includingKangta, DBSK, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee and f(x).

"I AM" is a compilation of 4,824 tapes of the SM artists for the last sixteen years along with 4,415 tapes fromMnet. The tapes include footage of the artists' trainee days, debut performances, everyday routines, flashy concerts and more. The movie is reported to have a dramatic storyline about the development of the SM artists.

"I AM" is set to hit theaters on May 10.

Check out the photos of the showcase below:

Super Junior'
Kyuhyun revealed that whenever the time comes to pay after a meal, TVXQ's Changminpretends to have forgotten his wallet at home.

On April 30, Kyuhyun as well as the other SM artists, attended the showcase for the the SM Town movie, "I AM," at CGV theaters. This day, Kyuhyun revealed some of the behind stories along with some of the difficulties he had faced on set. 

He especially received attention for revealing Changmin's "Scrooge-like" personality. He brought a lot of laughter by telling about an incident when Changmin "acted like he forgot his wallet at home."

Kyuhyun stated, "One day, Changmin said that he wanted to eat beef. So the two of us went to a quite expensive restaurant to eat together. Changmin said to me, 'Kyuhyun, I'll pay for the meal. Eat as much as you want.' Then all of a sudden, he pretended to be surprised and said, 'Oops. I forgot my wallet at home!'"

"Hearing this, I told him, 'Okay. Then I'll pay for the meal today.' As soon as I told him that I would pay, Changmin asked me, 'Then can we order two more servings of beef? And also, can we order some more bibimbap and cold noodles?'" His hilarious story brought a lot of laughter to the site, making Changmin quite embarrassed. 

Also on this day, SHINee's Minho revealed a similar story about Super Junior's Eunhyuk. Minho stated, "There is always that hyung who is really close to you but never buys food for you. For me, that person is Eunhyuk." Furthermore, he said, "Since I'm younger, it's quite awkward for me to ask him to buy a meal for me first. Shouldn't he offer to buy me a meal first? But he never has." Minho's joking complaint received a lot of attention.

In response to this, Eunhyuk joked, "Although I am older, there are some people who you simply do not want to spend your money on. For me, that person is Minho. Even if I don't buy food for him, he looks like he will eat fine on his own. He's even taller than me!" His hilarious comment also brought a lot of laughter. 

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeonf(x)'s Sulli and Krystal recently confessed that they regretted joiningSM Entertainment at one point in their careers.

At 7pm on April 30, the showcase for SM Town's new movie, "I AM", was held at the CGV theater in Seoul. The whole SM Town family was gathered, including Kangta, DBSK Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, and f(x).

SM Town's new movie, "I AM", is a documentary film that features the behind-stories of the artists of SM Entertainment. Comedian Byun Ki Soo was the MC of the night, and started several activities with the keyword "I Am."

One of the activities was a quiz, where one of the questions was "I've regretted joining SM Entertainment once," and the artists had to pick an O for yes, and X for no. Kangta, Hyoyeon, Sulli, and Kyrstal were the only ones who picked an O.

First, Kangta revealed, "During my trainee days, I never ordered anything more expensive than jjajangmyun (Korean noodles with black bean paste)." He continued, "Once, Tony Ahn (of boy band H.O.T.) ordered fried rice with japchae (Korean noodles with vegetables and meat), and I got scolded for two days. I started regretting [joining SM] then."

Sulli revealed, "After being a trainee since I was in 5th grade, I missed home the most. My home was in Busan, so I didn't get to visit often, and I really missed my mom."

Hyoyeon, similar to Sulli, said that she "was a trainee since [she] was very young. My house was three hours away from the studio. It was so hard, I started regretting it." She added, "I really missed being able to play with my friends."

Krystal confessed, "I didn't like the fact that I had to be at the company every day."

On other news, SM Town's documentary film "I Am" will be released in theaters on May 10. The film will feature the SM artists' dream-like experience of performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


Source: Soompi 1,2,3
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