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B1A4 for Japan's Anan magazine


These extremely cute 5 boys that you will definitely be crazy over: The strongest idols have landed in Japan!

In addition to their pop like cute appearance and performances, they’ve got a tough side to them where they do their own composition. This 5 member group that has been getting a lot of attention, the closeness that they have with one another because they live together is fascinating. The outstanding teamwork that is fostered through the talk sessions they have together every week!

In a minute, B1A4, a group that debuted last April in Korea, quickly rose in popularity with their cute looks and high musicianship. They’ve received a lot of attention in Japan, and the members seemed to be surprised at the heated and enthusiastic atmosphere at the event venue.

‘As we high fived our fans, we realised that a lot of fans had come to see us. We were full of feelings of gratefulness!’ said Sandeul. During that event, to the great excitement of the fans, B1A4 announced that they will be having their Japanese debut in June! Their debut song in Japan will be ‘Beautiful Target’. When asked about an attractive point of the song, maknae Gongchan easily answers ‘It’s the hook of the song, the I like it like it like it repetition.’ As soon as he says it, leader Jinyoung follows up immediately with ‘… that’s what the members always say (laughs), but I’ll recommend the beginning. It’s a song with an overall feeling of liveliness and cheerfulness, but it’s only there that there’s a feeling of softness that’s a highlight.’ The interview continued in that vein, without pausing for rest. For example, Sandeul was there to help Gongchan out when he was worrying about how to answer, to which Baro said ‘We can’t talk about this to anyone anywhere’ in a small voice, and CNU replied sharply ‘Before this, I heard what you said (laughs).’

To Jinyoung’s words, ‘We’re proud of our teamwork! It’s because every once a week, we hold a discussion session amongst us members about how to complete our team.’ CNU continued ‘We want people to look forward to seeing sides of us that are outside of what people expect.’

When we ask about what B1A4 would like to do from now on, Baro answers ‘We want to be able to hold a concert soon in which we’ll be able to be close to our fans!’ [t/n: literally, ‘in which we’ll be able to feel the breathing of our fans’] We too, would like to be able to be so close to B1A4 that we’d be able to feel their breathing soon!

SHOW US THEIR TRUE FACES! INTRODUCING THE MEMBERS OF B1A4: Introducing the members apart from oneself in the form of a relay! Enlightening us about what the members tolerate about one another, what they trust one another to know, and treasured episodes!

Jinyoung on Baro:

‘Baro is… A humorous blood type B who does things at his own pace.

Humorous Baro is, to us, the vitamin who gives us cheerfulness. But, as the group’s only blood type B individual, he does things at his own pace. When we’re given the task of thinking of what we’d like to eat together, while the four blood type A people are lost thinking about what to eat, Baro will decide ‘We’ll eat this today’ without thinking of the people around him’s reaction. For example, for today’s lunch, he ate pizza all by himself, right to the last slice. Sometimes, when us blood type As are worrying about how we look like in others’ eyes, and thinking about whether we’re being a nuisance on set, blood type B Baro will feel that ‘Around this much is fine, right?’ I’m envious of how he seems to be so easy-going.

Baro | Born on 5th of September, 1992 | 178cm, blood type B | His main point is that he’s in charge of rap for B1A4

CNU on Jinyoung:

‘Jinyoung is… During recording, he turns into a scaaa~ry tiger!?

Jinyoung is our reliable leader, who’s able to concentrate with passion when it comes to things he has to do. When it comes to creating songs, he seeks perfection, and when it comes to the recording of songs that he created, he’s completely different from the normal kind Jinyoung. He will judge you coolly, and he’ll (even) find fault with you, urging you to improve. At such times, Jinyoung is like a tiger, and he’s a little scary. (laughs) But the truth is, there are things that he overlooks, and he drops things often. Gongchan picks them up for him so that we’re able to finish without losing anything. There are gaps in his perfection. That part of Jinyoung is also one of the wonderful parts of Jinyoung.’

Jinyoung | Born on 18th of November, 1991 | 178cm, blood type A | His main point is that he’s able to manage both writing lyrics and composing

Gongchan on Sandeul:

‘Sandeul is… The shining hyung who gives me courage.

When I’m around Sandeul, who is always bright and cheerful, I get a lot of energy from him. When I hesitate and think ‘Maybe, I can’t do this…’ when we’re at the venue, he appears right away by my side, clapping my shoulder and saying ‘It’s just that you’re still hiding that talent of yours, if it’s Gongchan, you’ll be able to do it’ encouraging me. Afterwards, I would think that ‘There’s nothing I can’t do’ and I would become good at it and do whatever I’m supposed to do well. Although he’s a professional that works really hard at his job, it seems that the only temptation he’s unable to win against is food. (laughs) Even when he’s supposed to be on a diet, he’d finish the food until the last bite once he manages to obtain it!’

Sandeul | Born on the 20th of March, 1992 | 178cm, blood type A | His main point is his good singing

Baro on Gongchan:

‘Gongchan is… The truth is, he has a phlegmatic temparament! [t/n: according to wikipedia, it’s a temparament that is fundamentally relaxed and quiet, rangeing from warmly attentive to lazily sluggish. they tend to be content with themselves and are kind, accepting, and affectionate. they may be receptive and shy, and often prefer stability to uncertainty and change. they are consistent, relaxed, calm, rational, curious, and observant, qualities that make them good administrators. they can also be passive-aggressive.] The maknae of firm character.

Gongchan is good at washing the dishes, and cleaning the toilet. That’s why the toilet and the dishes in our house are always sparkling. It seems like he’s gotten into sci-fi movies recently, and he keeps impersonating the characters that appear in the movies. I’m older than him, and if it’s just for about a day, I’d think that his behaviour is adorable, but he’s been at it for two weeks. As expected, it’s become quite troublesome (laughs) Next would be his mysterious sixth sense, where on the day of his high school graduation, although Sandeul and I planned a surprise party for him, he soon noticed it and wasn’t surprised at all (sobs) Even though he’s our maknae, he’s too level headed~’

Gongchan | Born on 14th August, 1993 | 181cm, blood type A | His main point is his visuals that are just like a model’s

omg such a cute photo

‘CNU is… The members’ number one fashionista.

CNU is B1A4’s mum! He’s good at taking care of things, and he takes care of us lovingly. His fashion sense is outstanding too! In the morning, he’s able to choose an outfit that suits himself without taking much time. I’ve borrowed a suit from CNU before, but I haven’t got the sense that he has. I’ve regretfully paired clothing of primary colours together before (and didn’t look good), but on CNU, wearing the same clothes, the effect was completely different. (laughs) It would be lovely if I would be able to dress as well as CNU. But to be honest, the other members have got cool fashion sense too. The only one who, unfortunately, doesn’t have it, is me. (laughs)’

CNU | Born on 16th of June, 1991 | 182cm, blood type A | His main point is that he’s an outstanding dancer

source: translatians by tables @ aviateb1a4 1, 2, scans by beautifuldaykr
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