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SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong to enlist in the Military this July

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SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong will be enlisting in the Korean military this July.

After receiving 4 weeks of basic military training at a recruit training center, he will be serving the country for 2 years.

His representatives remarked, “He could have postponed it a bit longer, but he thought it would be best to go now in order to plan out his later stages of life. After he becomes discharged, he plans to return to the entertainment industry with a lighter heart and mind.”

The singer gave his July enlistment a lot of thought.

Up until now, Kim Kyu Jong has been a member of SS501, promoted with a subgroup, and even released a solo album. Musically speaking, he fulfilled a lot of things that he wanted to accomplish.

He also tried his hand at acting through a musical, a web-toon drama, and TV Chosun‘s weekend drama ‘Saving Ahjooma Go Bong Shil‘.

But Kim Kyu Jong thought it would be important to establish his identity as an actor and a singer before his enlistment, and after discussing it with those around him, he has decided to enlist this July.

His reps continued, “Kyu Jong was born in 1987 so he still has some time before he needs to enlist. But he showed his strong will to serve, and we can look forward to a lot of his activities after his discharge, so we decided to respect his decision.”

Kim Kyu Jong promoted with SS501 under DSP Media, but moved to Lee Hyori‘s agency B2M, fully exploring his options in both music and acting.

Sources: allkpop and TVReport

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