10:01 pm - 06/03/2012

Jessica and Tiffany Vogue Girl Coco in Wonderland, TTS+Isak, LJH+YAI talk about Yuri

태티서 홧팅 오늘 넘 고마웠오~^^ thanx babes~! dont forget to turn into @KPOPPIN1 on fri our star close up is TaeTiSeo~!^^

lee jehoon on yuri during an interview-- "yuri was very worried about her first attempt at acting. she worried a lot, and asked a lot of things about acting to her seniors, and made sure of things. it was nice seeing her do that. we discussed things on acting, and wondered about a lot of things. i learned a lot from her. seeing yuri, i felt that an actor needs to ask a lot of things, and need moments to realize things. the time spent with yuri was valuable, and i think she will progress [in acting] daily, and approach viewers through other dramas."

in another interview, yoo ah-in also said he liked the attitude yuri had towards acting. he said she asked a lot of questions and tried to listen to what she was told just as much. he said, as an actor himself, he knew how hectic things get on set so he tried helping her out a lot in that aspect as well.

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kamoteatmani 4th-Jun-2012 12:55 pm (UTC)
Ugh m crying @ sica's flawlessness rn. I think in photoshoots, Sica will be my bias. ;__;
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