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YG Entertainment to take strong actions against leaked photos of 2NE1

YG Entertainment said on the 3rd that they will take strong actions against the leakage of the several photos of 2NE1 members posing with no makeup on.

A YG representative said, “We are currently investigating into the source of the leakage. The photos leaked out are the stillcuts of when our staff was deciding on the style and cordi for the girls.”

“We are now investigating into how they were leaked out. This seems like some bad intentions with the recent release of the girls’ new song ‘I Don’t Care’. Our company will make a strong stand that we will be taking actions against whoever leaked them.”

The photos leaked out have shown the members with no makeup at all. Many fans have also voiced their unhappiness with such photos circulating online. Meanwhile, the girls’ new song ‘I Don’t Care’ has already gone up to the #1 spot on various music charts.

The leaked photosCollapse )

Source: sookyeong
Tags: 2ne1, leak

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