4:27 am - 06/06/2012

Who is Kaeun That Will Join After School?

As news of Kahi’s graduation from After School has been revealed, much attention has been on who the new girl Kaeun is.

Kaeun, who was chosen as the new student of After School in April, is now 17 years old. After School’s agency Pledis Entertainment revealed, “Out of the artists in our agency, Kaeun has the most powerful dancing skills with very attractive singing skills as well.” With a baby face and a superior body, she has been known as After School’s ‘Bagel Girl.’

Also, she spent her middle school years in Japan, so she also is fluent in Japanese. K-Pop fans have mentioned that another reason Kaeun was added to aid in After School’s Japanese promotions.

After School is the only known idol group in Korea to have the graduation process. Kahi is the second member to graduate after Bekah, who graduated last July. The newly changed nine member group After School will be making a comeback through their new album on June 21.


after school's bagel girl they say. can we discuss how ridiculous is the fact that kahi apparently won't be part of their next comeback and won’t be able to properly say goodbye to the fandom and how scary is that they are saying their activities will be as a rebranded/new after school.
pussyqueen 6th-Jun-2012 11:54 am (UTC)
i think she deserves to be called a bagel girl bc she's like the curviest one sorry! eyoung and lizzy have yummy bodies too ;; uie lost so much weight :(

and it really is ridiculous that she most likely wont be in the comeback, but one thing i dont quite understand is that shes graduated from AS (in korea) but in japan she'll continue her activities with them until september (so we can expect another new jap release?) then she'll be officially free.....? why can't they promote with her in korea too tho ._. or am i misunderstanding everything

anyway im looking forward to seeing a new generation of AS, it's going to be so interesting. like losing kahi is a huge loss and no one can replace her but AS is NOT going downhill ok

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4minutesluts 6th-Jun-2012 12:30 pm (UTC)
the main thing i dont get is why she isnt staying around for the next korean round of promotions, announcing it with that timing is so shitty

and AS have been going downhill since bang sry2say
pussyqueen 6th-Jun-2012 01:11 pm (UTC)
maybe her contract w/ avex ends in september and she has to fulfill it in the meantime idk..? but its so odddd cant she just do the comeback with them :x

and yeah well thats what everyone thinks but not me smh!!! well this is pretty much rock bottom in a lot of peoples eyes so they can only go up from here :(
okadarei 6th-Jun-2012 05:21 pm (UTC)
Well said, at least someone who's not ignorant and fully understands the system, which, I must say, was there from day 1. Or at least, you try before just bashing and calling it shit.

I hope this graduation works the same way Acchan's graduation from AKB has worked: giving both a new chance, her and the group. AS is a group that's conscient on the risk they take by establishing such a system and sticking to it. Plus, small companies always get it harder in the K-Pop idol industry.

I'm not sure about her not being in the Korean come back, because I couldn't check it earlier, but someone comenting why she'll stay until September in Japan (being her deal with AVEX), makes sense to me.
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